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Womens Anatomy of Arousal

This is a must read for all women. Even those that are on the advanced end of honoring your yonis arousal. This book is loaded with a lot of good information. If you are at the beginning of your self exploration journey, this is also perfect for you.

Many women have yin as their primary energy. Yin is watery, warm, it moves from the outside in and down. Yin, like a flower, opens slowly when it feels safe to do so. Yin is about the journey, while yang is the destination. Yin is the multi tasker, when balanced by yang, able to do a load a of laundry while on a business call. That same multi tasking mind, may be thinking about the laundry during sex, when unbalanced.

Did you know women have erectile tissue like men? When stimulated and aroused, gently & slowly, there is an entire luscious network of swollen, engorged tissue! A puffy pussy is the perfect environment for an eager cock to enter into.

The swollen tissue protects your urethra (pee hole) from germs getting in and causing a UTI, as well as provide a snug fit for you and your partner to enjoy. When you are aroused, your round ligament, which attaches to your uterus shortens, lifting your cervix up and out of the way, making it easier and more enjoyable to take your partner even deeper.

The pussy is a wondeorus and glorious creation. Sheri Winstons book is sure to help you get to know yours better. This book is also filled with tips on how to talk to your lover about what you like in the bedroom!

Womens anatomy of arousal can be found on Amazon