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The Rise of the Divine Feminine

I can feel it in the air, can you? The women are gathering. We are coming together one by one supporting each other. The divine feminine is rising! We've been suppressed for generations. Our bodies, minds, and spirits struggling to adapt to a world that doesn't suit our needs, but put your ear down to mother Earths skin, dance with your barefeet in her mud, you'll feel her respond. Feel her resonate through your bones, and the watery molecules that make you a radient being. We are her ambassadors, our cycles synced with the moon, our hormones fluctuate with the tide. Breathe in her air, deep into every tiny corner of your lungs, be cleansed in her waters, and warmed by the sun. Listen to Shaktis whispers as she courses through and around your body. Hold her in your heart and unite her at your crown with Shiva, allow her to freely pass up and down your spine with every inhale and exhale. You are a goddess. A vision of beauty, vulnerability, empathy and creation. Together, one by one, we raise each other up, we heal ourselves and our planet. Together as we ebb & flow we will rise to bring balance back to the planet and heal her for our futu